We all know that exercise is important. Which exercise is the best? Dr. Sears will answer that question with “The best exercise is the one you will do!” I agree so I want to just say yes to many forms of movement and have fun with moving my body. Just this past weekend, I was invited to try out rowing. I was a rowing neophyte. I met one lady who took up rowing at age 55 and has been rowing now for over 11 years! There were all ages out there rowing and learning to row together. It was exhilirating to be out on the lake. We had to focus on the task of working together in rhythm. No other thoughts other than staying in sync with the rower in front of you. When the wind picked up, we were told that it was time to go in. I didn’t want it to end! I had gotten a nice upper body workout without even giving it a second thought. Now that is an exercise I say yes to. What will you say yes to?