This is my very first blog post on this website. I am not yet sure what direction it will end up going but I wanted to just get started. I am a life-long journaler and it feels good to get thoughts down and out of my brain. Right now I am ┬ávery interested in INTUITION. I view it as our 6th sense that needs to be developed. I am reading about it, tuning in to mine and talking with others about it. We tend to push it down deep as we hurry through life. We don’t slow down and quiet the chatter going on in our brains in order to really hear our intuition as it faintly whispers to us. Maybe it makes an appearance in our dreams. Ever keep a dream journal? I have at different points in my life. Right now, I have had life come at me like an earthquake that has rattled my core! I have not really been able to recall dreams until just recently. I have had little feelings here and there though that I have tried to pay attention to and see which direction they will take me, what I can learn from them. Does this make me more resilient? I am not sure. Does it make me more aware? Maybe. How does this tie in to Health and Wellness you ask? In a balanced world of wellness, we have many dimensions that contribute to our overall wellness. Spiritual is one dimension. I think I would include this in the Spiritual dimension that helps make us whole as we listen and tune in. So tune in for more as I explore this wonderful world of Intuition.